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Gibbons Physical Therapy, dedicated to your restoration and wellness, emphasizes customized treatment and one on one care in the treatment of injuries and conditions, and careful attention to your movement goals.

Providing physical therapy using Fascial Counterstrain to residents of Happy Valley, Sunnyside, Milwaukie, West Linn and Oregon City in Portland, Oregon, we customize every treatment session to help you reach your individual goals.

We are able to accomplish this by ensuring one-on-one appointments with a physical therapist who has advanced manual therapy training, hands-on manual therapy, and specific exercise prescriptions for you to do at home between visits. We want you to be an active partner in your own recovery and help you get back to living your fullest life.

With 14 years of experience, we are well-versed in treating patients who are suffering with a wide range of acute and chronic pain. We often are successful in treating patients who have tried many other alternatives and come to us almost devoid of hope that they can someday function without pain. To our delight, we are often able to accomplish that.

Part of our success is our philosophy of treating the whole person, not just treating symptoms or trying to restore a single function. We get the root of your pain so that we can systematically treat it and eradicate it, not just provide temporary relief of your symptoms.

We offer such therapy as Fascial Counterstrain, Graston Technique, Cupping, Functional Soft Tissue Mobilization, Osteopathic Muscle Energy Techniques and Functional Manual Therapy.

We also do strengthening programs including Russian Kettlebell training, Bodyweight Strengthening, and exercise program development.

Because we are out-of-network with all insurances, we can engage in longer sessions which we are convinced lead to faster recovery overall and we can start your healing process without delay. All patients are provided with a receipt to submit to their insurance provider.

Our clinic is easily accessible and has a calm and laid-back atmosphere where you can relax and find relief.


Susan M. Gibbons, PT, DPT, MS, JSCC

Working in the field of health care has been a draw for Susan Gibbons since she started her career. Initially, she was intrigued with cancer research.

“My grandmother died of liver cancer and I was determined to try to find a cure for cancer. So I spent day after day in the laboratory doing experiments, but somehow it wasn’t as fulfilling as I had hoped, even though my goal was inspiring,” she explained.

As time passed and the feeling that she needed to practice health care differently grew, she began to think that if she volunteered on the cancer floor of a hospital, she would actually feel more fulfilled than working in the lab.

In graduate school when she was training for marathons, she consulted a physical therapist and thought that it would be an amazing job to help people directly. She was not just interested in sports medicine but in a broader perspective on how the body works overall. She wanted to be able to provide full restorative care.

At Duke University, she developed an understanding of the body’s functions from cell-to-cell interactions to tissue and system interactions, and with the Jones Institute and Counterstrain Academy, she refined her ability to assess and treat dysfunctions using a whole body approach.

Susan graduated from the University of Oregon, Robert D. Clark Honors College with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology (1999). She achieved her Master of Science in Molecular Cancer Biology from Duke University Graduate School in 2003. She earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Duke University Medical School in 2006.

Over the years she augmented her knowledge base by acquiring a number of certifications. These include:

Graston Technique Certified (2007)

Russian Kettlebell Technique Certified (2008)

Jones Strain Counterstrain Certified (2015)

When Susan is not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband, who is also a Physical Therapist, three children and dog as well as running and Kettlebell training. She trains in Filipino Martial Arts.  Susan also is very interested in continuing her education in her field.

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